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Identify Your Water System



Knowing your pressure and identifying your water system.


It is important when selecting taps and showers that your choose the product based on the correct pressure of your water system, we have created this page to assist you to identify your water system and the pressure you have.


All bathroom and kitchen taps and shower mixers are rated by there pressure this is the minimum recomended pressure required for the item to function, this is measured in bar. High pressure taps and showers are 1.0bar and above low pressure are usually 0.3bar and below, strangley enough there is the grey area of between 0.3bar and 1.0bar which is ignored by most manufacturers and suppliers, we will call this medium pressure for the purpose of this article. The main reason that medium pressure is not mainly used is that with the types of water system we have you either have a low pressure gravity fed system or a high pressure system which for most purposes rules out the need for have a medium pressure. This in our opinion causes an issue with some consumers as they might buy a tap that states 0.5bar pressure believing that this will work on a low pressure system and it does not, Unless it is fitted on the ground floor level of a two story building.


Identify your type of water system.


Below is the most common types of water system found in the UK if you click on the type of system you think you have to see the full details, if you are not sure then use the questionaire at the bottom of the page.


Gravity fed hot and cold water system

Gravity fed pumped hot mains cold shower

Mains cold water pumped hot whole house or bathroom

Gravity fed pumped hot and cold to whole house or bathroom

Combination boiler

Unvented mains water

Fortec cylinder