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Bathroom Taps explained

This guide on is designed to assist you in explaining what you need to know about bathroom taps to enable you to make the correct choices before buying, and to help you understand some of the terminology. If you are unsure or need any assistance please feel free to call our Helpline on 0843 658 0062 or email us.

 Our extensive range of bathroom taps and bathroom mixers are styled to suit traditional or contemporary suites with basin taps, bath taps, bathroom mixers and wall mounted tap configurations available. Installation of our taps and mixers require standard tap connections and fittings available at any DIY store or Plumbers Merchant.  All taps are guaranteed against defect in manufacture for a minimum of 5 years.


 Basin taps

Basin taps

 Separate hot and cold taps normally fitted to two holed basins, these work well on low pressure gravity fed systems.





Bath taps

Bath taps


Separate hot and cold bath taps work well with low pressure gravity fed water systems.






Mono-bloc basin mixer

Mono bloc mixer


Mono bloc basin mixers come in both single lever (see Below) and two handled mixers the hole size for these is 35mm as industry standard. There are mono bloc mixers that will work on high and low pressure water systems.






Single lever basin mixer

Single lever mixer


Single lever basin mixers are also called mono bloc basin mixers, the lever is easy to use as you can adjust the flow and temperature at the same time. There are single lever mixers that will work on high and low pressure water systems.






Deck mounted bath fillerDeck mounted


Deck mounted means to be laying flat with no gap like in the bath filler to the right. These are available in bath fillers and bath shower mixers. Deck mounted bath fillers will be available for both high and low pressure systems.






Wall mounted taps

Wall mounted taps and mixers


Wall mounted taps and mixers come in many different styles and functions, they are used for basins and baths alike, you can get bath fillers and bath shower mixers, also called two and three holed wall mounted mixers. Generally speaking wall mounted taps and mixers need at least 0.5 bar pressure to operate well so we normally recommend having a high pressure water system.





Floor standing Bath filler

Floorstanding fillers and mixers


Floor standing mixers are available for basins, bath fillers and bath shower mixers, they can be purchased as mono bloc or with a pair of freestanding legs. These items would usually require higher pressures to operate well.






Bath filler overflow


Bath filler overflows are used as both a waste for a bath and also a filling device, supplied as either a pop up waste or a click clack style waste. These need to have separate valves or a mixer to operate the hot/cold on/off control. there are some bath fillers that will work on lower pressures but the fill rate of a bath requires that pumping or high pressure systems are prefered.





Plumbing systems & compatibility


Within our ranges of taps are basin taps, bath taps and bathroom mixers to suit any type of plumbing system with some requiring more specific requirements. Such systems are:


Gravity fed hot and cold water system

Gravity fed pumped hot mains cold shower

Mains cold water pumped hot whole house or bathroom

Gravity fed pumped hot and cold to whole house or bathroom

Combination boiler

Unvented mains water

Fortec cylinder



If you are in any doubt as to what water system you have then please visit our Identify your plumbing system information page.