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Low Pressure Bathroom Taps

Low Pressure Bathroom Taps


Low Pressure Product Finder

If you are looking for Low pressure bathroom taps, basin mixers, bath taps and more, then look no further.

Below we have put together a small selection of our most popular, best selling low pressure taps from our modern and traditional styled collections.

It is very important that the products you choose have the correct pressure for your water system if you are to achieve the best performance from your new taps. If you are not sure what water pressure you have then you may want to use our Identify Your Water System pages to help you understand your system before choosing your new bathroom taps.

Use Our Quick Product Finder

Throughout our website you will see our very useful Quick Product Finder. On the left here you can see an example and we have highlighted the Minimum Pressure filter, simply select the Low pressure option anywhere thoughout our category pages to filter your result and display only our low pressure taps. You can of course use the additional filter options to narrow your choice even further.

Please remember if you are not sure of your selection please ask.


Here are a few of our low pressure bathroom tap ranges

Roper Rhodes Bathroom Taps PL5 Bathroom Taps Totti Bathroom Taps Knightsbridge Bathroom Taps
Capri Bathroom Taps Quest Bathroom Taps Qube Bathroom Taps Jute Bathroom Taps
Kai Lever Bathroom Taps Globe 2 Bathroom Taps 1901 Bathroom Taps Blade Bathroom Taps


What Is Low Pressure and How Do I know if I Have It?

As a general guide, low pressure water systems are gravity fed and less than 1.0 bar (1.0 meter vertical distance between the outlet (tap or shower) and the base of your cold water storage tank is approximately 0.1 bar), high pressure water systems are usually mains fed, pumped or combination boilers.

If you have a hot water cylinder in an airing cupboard and a cold water tank (usually in your loft) and it is not pumped or boosted in anyway then you would generally say you have a low pressure water system.

It maybe worth taking a look at our Identify Your Water System pages, if you have not already.

Throughout our website we describe low pressure as taps or showers that require a minimum pressure of upto 0.5 bar, 0.5 bar to 1.0 bar is medium pressure and 1.0 bar and above is high pressure.