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Which is Best Kitchen Taps and Mixers Explained

We have put together a simple guide to help you select the correct products for your kitchen, and understand which kitchen sink mixer tap is best for you whilst helping you understand some of the terminology. If you are unsure or need any assistance please feel free to call our Helpline on 0843 658 0062 or email us.


Our extensive range of kitchen taps and kitchen mixers are styled to suit traditional or contemporary kitchens with sink taps, kitchen taps, kitchen mixers and wall mounted tap configurations available. Installation of our taps and mixers require standard tap connections and fittings available at any DIY store or Plumbers Merchant.  All taps are guaranteed against defect in manufacture for a minimum of 5 years.


The kitchen taps is the most used appliance in home so making the correct choice is crucial. Kitchen taps come in hundreds of shapes, sizes and finishes and all require specific pressures to operate correctly, so please take care in making sure that you fully understand the type of water system and pressure you have before making your selection, if your are not sure then please ask or look at our plumbing systems and compatibility guide below.




Pillar taps


Kitchen pillar taps are often used in utility sinks. They are also used where the hot water pressure is so low that mixing with cold mains water pressure is impossible.





Kitchen Pillar taps

Mono bloc mixer


Monobloc kitchen sink mixers are the most common type of sink mixer, they are available for both high and low pressure systems, they have a standard 35mm hole for the sink and can also be fitted to a worktop directly.





Deck mounted kitchen sink mixer

Single lever mixer


Single lever monobloc mixers are very popular as you can mix the water and turn them on and off all in one simple action.






Deck mounted mixer


Deck sink mixers work really well on both high and low pressure water systems, the hole centers are usually 180mm apart.






Wall mounted mixer

Wall mounted mixer


Wall mounted kitchen sik mixers are very practicle they are use a lot in the USA, keeping the mixer off of the sink or work top makes the area feel uncluttered.





Bib Taps

Bib taps


Bib taps can be wall mounted or with the addition of upstands can also be mounted on the sink or worktop.






Pull out spray mixer

Pull out spray mixers


Pull out spray kitchen sink mixers are getting more popular, they come from a commercial background and are very practicle in modern kitchens, you will really need a high pressure water system to be satisfied with a pull out spray mixers there are some that will function on as little as 0.5 bar but for you to be truly happy with the product we recommend a minimun pressure of 1.0bar for most.





Cold filter tap

Filter taps


Cold water filter taps are for use with a water filter, filter taps are to be used in conjunction with another mixer tap, these are normally slightly smaller in size.





Triflow mixer

Triflow taps and mixers


Triflow kitchen sink taps also known as three way mixers, these are a hot taps that functions as normal, the cold tap has normal hard water and if pushed the opposite way will produce filtered water.




Plumbing systems & compatibility


Within our ranges of taps are basin taps, bath taps and bathroom mixers to suit any type of plumbing system with some requiring more specific requirements. Such systems are:


Gravity fed hot and cold water system

Gravity fed pumped hot mains cold shower

Mains cold water pumped hot whole house or bathroom

Gravity fed pumped hot and cold to whole house or bathroom

Combination boiler

Unvented mains water

Fortec cylinder



If you are in any doubt as to what water system you have then please visit our Identify your plumbing system information page.